“Wrapped in the chilling embrace of a dense fog, he sees
the echo of a faint light.”

Fenrir used to be a fighter in Lys. Living in the Halls of Sanctum, he spent his days training fighters and paladins at the behest of his friend Edwyn. During a trying battle with the storm God Talos and evil Woods Witch known as Vyl, Fenrir is abruptly transported to a dark and mysterious realm. 

He has not been seen since.


Follow Fenrir as he fights his way back home.

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Fenrir used to be a common wolf living in the Beh-Rin forest in Lys, he served as a familiar of sorts to a woods witch named Vyl. Desperate to not be alone, Vyl used her magicks to transform Fenrir from an ordinary wolf to a sentient wolf person. Uncomfortable with her plans, Fenrir fled the Beh-Rin forest and found safety in the halls of Sanctum. Protected by master sage Edwyn, Fenrir agreed to train and help up and coming paladins at Sanctum. His latest recruit, Ilona, caught the interest of a storm god named Talos. Talos teamed with Vyl to take down Ilona and Fenrir in one swoop! Using her magicks, Vyl performed a plane shift and banished Fenrir from Lys, which is where our story begins!

Pom of the blue is a resident of the deep hiding out from an unknown hunter. When he meets Fenrir he’s ‘lost in the sauce’ as they say. Pom immediately takes a liking to Fenrir; his drive to get back home and his determination are inspiring to the down and out Pom. The two start to pal around together in the Deep, Pom acts as his guide around the different layers. But just what is Pom hiding from Fenrir about himself and the Deep?

Kyogre is a servant to Thaask, ruler of the Darkness, the first layer of the Deep. Kyogre’s primary responsibility is to guard the outskirts of the deep for travellers and would be assaults on the Darkness. Kyogre is generally kranky as he spends most of his time wandering the wastes of the Darkness at the behest of his master.

Thaask is an Ilithid ruler of the Darkness. He holds the Skeleton Key, one of three symbols of power in the Deep. He rules the darkness with an iron fist and limitless power at his disposal.

Balniss is the Drow king ruler of the Swamp of Shadows. He resides in a massive yew tree on the outskirts of the swamp, protected by dark magic. Balniss holds the power of the Crimson Crown, which allows him to create illusions and energy weapons.

The Queen of Bones is a spectral phantom residing in the Dark Wood. She holds the power of the Cuirass of Torment, giving her an actual solid mass as well as protecting her from harm.