Legends of Lys Vol 1: Defenders of Sanctum

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A digital PDF version of Legends of Lys: Defenders of Sanctum so you can enjoy the adventure on your favorite comic reading device.

Exclusive 8x10 Print

An exclusive 8 x 10 hard copy, full color print, beautifully illustrated by Legend of Lys creator, B. Gorski.

Worlds Await Sampler

A digital PDF version of the In the Shade Sampler, which introduces you to the worlds our three diverse flagship titles.

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Defenders of Sanctum

Written and illustrated by Brandon Gorski

Welcome to a land where monsters are real, battles are waged, and Legends are forged! Ilona Ishi is a courageous young girl who dreams of one day becoming the greatest Paladin ever to defend Lys. That bravery will be put to the test as Illona embarks on a treacherous quest to the fabled castle of Sanctum. The road to glory is never without its trials, after all.

Illona Flying

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