The Expeditions of Atlas Clarke

“You’re going to have a lot of questions, Atlas. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Curiosity is one of life’s greatest gifts.”

Welcome to the planet of Kishar — the largely unexplored new home for humanity. There’s plenty of fame and fortune to be earned by anyone willing to seek out the planets many mysteries, adventures, and treasures.


However before Atlas, a malfunctioning mechanical man, can set off on his own expeditions, he must first find out who created him and why.


Created & Written by: Cory Lahue
Illustrated by: Brandon Gorski.

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Characters So Far

Atlas Clarke is a mechanical man and the main hero of our story. With a fractured memory and malfunctioning system, it is vital that Atlas figure out who created him and why.  On his journey, he will uncover new things about himself and the world around him which will gain new abilities, features, and insights that are not currently accessible.

While the Old Man may be the only other person Atlas’s fractured memory can recall, it doesn’t make him any less mysterious.  Atlas knows very little him aside from the fact that he was integral in Atlas’ creation. 

The only other person Atlas has any recollection of from the night the clock tower was attacked. Who are they? What was their motive? Uncovering the person’s identity  is crucial to Atlas understanding his own.